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How do I use my d=link with my linksys router?

I have a linksys wireless g router and a d-link dwl-520+ wireless card. I was wondering if I could use them together and how. I have installed the driver and the card. It recognizes the router but there is no way to connect to it, it doesnt have the same type of password or wep or something.|||Your configuration will work: But first you need to find your routers security setting for your D-Link connection such as the WEP Key:

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When asked for a user name do not enter anything leave it blank - for the password use admin

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So i have a linksys router that i have hooked up and it works but i try a wireless linksys and it won't work?

My regular linksys router works but i try the same cords in thesame places and the wireless router does not work. Any help?|||I need a little more info... Most likely you need to go into the settings of the router and get everything set up... you can access your router's firmware in an internet browser by typing the ip of the router... If it is linksys it is probably

Two internet connection One linksys wireless router and a ubuntu firewall?

Hi i have two internet connection one is holding public ip address and another is for only backup when the public ip address internet line is down. i have a linksys router and a ubuntu firewall. how can i configure my network, where if one internet is down then another will activate.|||dial the routers private i.p. address linksys............ is yours.





goto the advanced gonfig and there it is dmz demilitarized zone. turn that on, that the router can exchange data between the two wires so if one goes down the data is emmediately jumped to the other. like tron XD. otherwise it does it automatically? driver updates are a must.|||If your router will run dd-wrt firmware from I'm pretty sure you can do load-balancing with the dd-wrt firmware. Otherwise you could just configure the Ubuntu router to handle it, plus the firewall duties that you are currently doing with the linksys router and get rid of the linksys all together.

Can the linksys router I already have be used on a new computer I just bought?

Ive had a linksys router for a few years on my old computer which died out. I got a new computer and want to know if I can use the router I already have or do I need to buy a new one? I have someone who can put it on for me tomorrow but was hoping to avoid buying a brand new one.

Thanks :)|||Your old router will definitely work on your new computer. If you had it hooked through a wire ( Cat5 cable ) then just put the cable into your new computer and make sure the LAN ( Local Area Network is enabled ) If you were connected through a wireless connection then just connect to the wireless network just as B4.|||It should work fine. It is most likely a G router.

Most new computers have support for both N and G so you should be fine.

If I buy a linksys router, how do I make it work?

I'm looking to buy a linksys router. I've read the online manual, and it says for this model, all I have to do is hook it up to the ethernet port in my cable modem. Is that it, or do I have to go through the cable company?|||No, it takes a bit more than that to set up a Linksys router. If you want to set it up with your cable modem, you have to unplug the modem from your Ethernet port. Plug an Ethernet cable into the "Internet" port on the back of the Linksys router. Plug the other end of this cable into the back of the Ethernet card on your comptuer. Then you plug the cable modem into one of the numbered ports on the back of the router.

Chances are your Linksys router will come with it own software. Install this, then follow the instructions on the screen. If you experience problems, type into your web browser and enter the username and password for your Linksys router. Then enter your Internet username and password into the field in the "Setup" screen.

What would happen if I reset my LinkSys router?

If I reset my LinkSys router, would I need to do some reconfiguring on my family's 3 laptops? Or is it just, press reset for 30 seconds, then done; the internet is still going to the laptops?|||What wil happen is the router will be reset to its factory default settings - default password, no encryption, etc. It will work with the laptops as all routers do with the factory settings, but it is not safe to run that way for long.

Someone will borrow your wireless from the street and do some kiddie porn or spam using your internet connection. Guess whose door the FBI will be knocking on?

Tuen on the encryption, and reset the admin. password to something only you know.

The linksys site has the details|||It will go back to factory defaults, so you have to set up your SSID and password if you have one. Run the installation like you did when it was new.

How do I enable dhcp on my linksys router?

how do i enable dhcp on a linksys router?|||linksys router instruction manual